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Reception FAQ

1. What should I wear?

You should wear whatever you feel comforable in. Anything from a dress to shorts and a t-shirt.

2. What will Kristen and Steve be wearing?

Kristen and Steve will be dressed casually for most of the reception, but will be changing into their wedding clothing for about an hour during the cake cutting for photo opportunities.

3. Who will Kristen and Steve be wearing?

As no designers have stepped forward and offered to loan Kristen and Steve their latest creations for this event, they will both be wearing unknown/generic designs.

4. Can I wear my old wedding dress for the cake cutting and for photo opportunities?

Absolutely! Please do.

5. When will we be fed?

Dinner will be served around 4. The cake will be cut around 7pm. Hor d'ouerves will be served all afternoon

6. What's for dinner?

Chicken sandwiches and hamburgers with a variety of spreads/toppings, plus various side dishes.

7. What if I don't eat meat?

We will also have garden burgers and most of our side dishes will be vegetarian-friendly.

8. What if I don't like what you are serving and I want something else?

Please feel free to bring a bag lunch. Please also remember to stew about it silently as complaining is not proper manners.

9. What sort of beverages will be available?

We will have 3 kegs of beer - Bud Light, Leinenkuegel's Honey Weiss, and Newcastle Brown Ale.

We will also have wine and will be making pitchers of Bacardi limon and lemonade.

10. What about non-alcoholic beverages?

We will have cans of soda, bottled water, and lemonade.

11. Where should I put my aluminum cans after I finish my soda?

We will have recycling bins available. Please make sure to NOT throw garbage in the recycling bin and to make sure recyclables do not end up in the garbage. We would prefer to spend the evening celebrating, not digging through garbages.

12. What will we be doing all day?

If the weather is warm we could play volleyball or water volleyball. There will also be plenty of tables available inside and outside if anyone is interested in playing cards. Otherwise just general socializing.

13. Will we be doing the chicken dance?

No, we will not. We will have music, but we won't be having a band or DJ.

14. Can I do a special song and dance number to honor Steve and Kristen?

Certainly you may, but please, no Celine Dion songs.

15. Will Kristen be tossing her bouquet?

No, she will not and here is why:

The tradition of tossing the bouquet involves gathering all the single women who then leap and grab for the bouquet. Catching the bouquet signifies that they will be the next to be married.This implies that all unmarried women are eager and anxious to be married. This is not true and is moderately offensive.

Also please note, I have heard a few of my family members making gay jokes/slurs. I have a lot of gay friends and some of them are invited to our reception. Gay jokes and slurs are offensive to me, and I would appreciate it if you would refrain from making them at our reception.

We want everyone to enjoy themselves and have a great time. There will be plenty of alcohol available, please make transportation arrangements if advance if you want to drink, or please drink in mderation if you plan to drive.

We're planning to do most of the catering and all of the decorations ourselves. We will be busy working on it all day Friday and Saturday morning. Please contact me if you'd like to help or if you have some open refridgerator space we could use! We will be arriving at Pamperin Park at 10am on Saturday, so come early if you want to help set up and decorate!

Kristen and Steve FAQ

1. Who is this Kristen girl anyhow?

Kristen Wotruba is originally from Green Bay, but currently resides in Milwaukee. She works as a server at Red Lobster. Her hobbies include reading, beading, and almost any sort of artistic endeavor. Her favorite thing is creating usable artworks out of everyday objects like painted furniture or vases. She is the daughter of Lee Wotruba and Doris Grotenhuis. Her mother is married to Richard Grotenhuis. Her father is single and available. She has two brothers, Jamie Wotruba and Michael Wotruba, and one beautiful niece, Haley Wotruba.

2. Who is this Steve Kolb fellow?

Steve Kolb is also originally from Green Bay and moved to Milwaukee to finish his degree in Management Information Systems. He works as a computer programmer at Rockwell Automation. His hobbies include listening to and writing music, computers, and reading. He plays guitar, bass, synthesizers, and sequences electronic music on his computer. He also writes and records his own music. He designed and programmed this webiste and has a website for his band at He is the son of Roger and Valerie Kolb of Green Bay. Steve is an only child with no brothers or sisters.

3. Where did Steve and Kristen meet?

Steve and Kristen actually met onling on IRC just before Kristen moved back to Green Bay. It was not an "online romance" per se, Kristen was happy to meet someone online that lived in Green Bay since she was about to move back and didn't have a lot of friends still living there. They talked occasionally and planned to get together in person after she moved. Then they gradually started dating and have now been together almost 5 years. They have been living together in Milwaukee for 2 1/2 years.

4. Who stood up for them as Maid of Honor and Best Man?

Kristen's Maid of Honor is Joanne Peters (Kittell). Joanne is from Green Bay and is a long time friend. They actually went to nursery school together, but didn't become friend until high school. Joanne currently lives in Minneapolis.

David Clapp is a longtime friend of Steve's since back when Dave was an undergraduate in Green Bay and Steve was in high school. They were/are in a band together and were roommates when they were both attending college in Milwaukee. Dave currently lives downstairs from Steve and Kristen.

5. Now that Steve and Kristen are married are they going to start breeding like crazy?

No, Steve and Kristen only plan to have one child and not for about 3-4 years.

6. Did Kristen change her last name to Kolb?

No. I was sad at the idea of changing my last name completely. With an unusual last name like Wotruba, it has become part of who I am, and I am fond of it. AT the same time having the same last name is part of what makes you a family. Therefore, my name is now Kristen Lea Wotruba Kolb (for all legal purpose with a hypon). If you prefer you may address things as Mr. and Mrs. Kolb, however, I will never be Mrs. Steven Kolb. My name is not Steven, and I find the above offensive. In this day and age, women are individuals in their own right, not just wives. I don't think Mrs. "her husband's name" is appropriate.

7. Do Steve and Kristen get their car yet?

Yes, they finally received their silver PT Cruiser last week (04/16/01) after waiting over 10 months! They love it!

8. Where are Steve and Kristen going for their honeymoon?

We're going to Europe in September or October for 2 weeks. We plan to visit Amsterdam, Vienna, Prague, and a few cities in Germany. We are hoping to make it there during Octoberfest!

9. Did Steve and Kristen have a good time in Las Vegas?

Yes, we had a great time! We didn't win any money, but other than that everything went very well. We saw the Blue Man Group with everyone after our wedding, and it was a great show. We also had 2nd row seats to Cirque du Soleil's "Mystere" while we were there and we loved it!

The wedding ceremony went very smoothly with no problems, and we loved the hotel we were staying at, Mandalay Bay. We only wish the weather had been a little bit warmer so we could have enjoyed their beautiful pool area a little more. It was a great place to be married. They had a beautiful chapel down on the beach level aprat from the casino. We would recommend it to anyone looking to get married in Las Vegas.

10. Why did Kristen and Steve get married in Las Vegas anyhow?

Kristen and Steve did not want to get married in a church as they are not practicing members of any specific religion. I (Kristen) believe in God and believe in doing the right thing. I believe in the idea of an absolute moral good and bad. Unfortuntately, I have not found a church that is in sync with my beliefs. Too many churches are morrrre in the business of condemning people and practices that they do not agree with. For example, homosexuality, which I do not believe God frowns upon. I have a strong interest in eastern religions and hope to someday find a spiritual commuinity where I belong. Steve has a hard time getting past all the atrocities and wrongdoings that have been committed in the name of religion like the persecution of "witches" in Europe, the Crusades and many other wars. He may believe in higher powers, but is suspicous of most religions in general.

For these reasons a church wedding was out of the question for us. We also did not want to do the very personal and private act of exchanging vows in front of lots and lots of people. We still wanted to have a very beautiful and elegant wedding, and we wanted it to be special and memorable. We had been planning a vacation to Las Vegas around the time we got engaged. It is also easy to plan a wedding in Las Vegas as there are many places to get married there. We were fortunate and grateful that our families were able to come to the wedding.

I hope this website answers some questions for you and provides any information you need. If you have any information you need. If you have any other questions for us or comments, you can reach us at and

Otherwise, our address is:

Steve and Kristen
714 E Townsend St.
Milwaukee WI 53212

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