Steve Kolb Web Design and Programming Examples

All examples were hand coded in NotePad, Microsoft Visual Interdev, or Homesite. No WYSIWYG editors (ie Front Page, Dreamweaver) were used in the construction of these web pages.

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Site Description
Broke Box

Timeline: 1995-present

Broke Box is a band that I co-founded in 1994. I began web design for this site in 1995, and it has been through several re-designs. There is extensive information here, and this is my main web project when I have spare time.

Square Wave Online Audio

Timeline: December 1999

Class project for Emerging Technologies class at UW Milwaukee. Unfortunately, my partner did no work so only the Musician Resources section was completed. The first intro screen is very graphic intensive because bandwidth was not a concern for this project.

Harley-Davidson Architecture Integration

Timeline: August 1998-present

Web design, programming, and administration for the Architecture Integration intranet web server located at the Juneau HQ. This is the main navigation page and had to be slightly modified from the original existing copy.

Harley-Davidson Dealer Dashboard

Timeline: Summer 1999

GUI designed for Dealer Dashboard Data Mart project. This is the full color, unoptimized version. This GUI was rejected because the project executives decided to use a text-only display format. I ended up designing small logo graphics for them instead.

Harley-Davidson Dealer Dashboard (more)

Timeline: Summer 1999

Optimized dashboards with additional sceneries.

Harley-Davidson DHTML example

Timeline: Summer 1999

Architecture/Infrastructure summary graphic using Dynamic HTML.

Harley-Davidson Text Layout example

Timeline: Summer 1999

Sample text layout from Harley-Davidson. To preserve Harley's IP rights, no further text documents can be requested from me.

Back-Alley Multimedia

Timeline: Spring 1999

Web project for Electronic Commerce class at UW Milwaukee. The ASPs did not translate very well over to this web server because they do not allow server side includes. This site uses a shopping cart, ASP, Javascript, and VBScript. (The shopping cart does not work properly on this site, but it works great on a standard IIS server with full ASP functionality.)

Harley-Davidson WEO example

Timeline: Winter 1998

Another menu example from Harley-Davidson's AIRND1 Intranet web site

Frontier Adjusters of Davenport

Timeline: Late 1996 and early 1997

Business site designed and programmed by me using the specifications and approval of the owner, Frank Clapp.